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7 simple tips on how to write successful emails to your customers

With the advent of social media there are now so many channels through which brands and businesses can communicate with their customers. You would think that email is not used that much anymore, right? Well, that’s not the case. Using email marketing is still the cheapest, most personal and effective way to contact customers.

Customers that have chosen to share their email address with you are more likely to engage with your brand or business and you can use email to build deeper relationships with them. Studies show that most buying decisions come from email marketing — more than 70% compared to social media. 

That means that businesses are using email more and more. How can you ensure that your message will stand out and that your customers will take the time to engage with your content, leading to more traffic to your website and potential sales? There are some tips and tricks, which we will share below. 

Tip 1- Write a compelling subject 

Your ultimate goal when sending emails to your customers is for them to open the email and read what you have to say. And then take some action of course. But it all starts with opening the email. In this day and age of cluttered inboxes and never-ending marketing approaches, you need to catch the customer’s attention right from the start. That’s where the subject line comes in. 

Use all your creativity to write a clever, eye-catching subject line. Maybe make your customer smile, make them remember why they like your brand. This will help them appreciate your communication and not treat it as another meaningless marketing email.

Tip 2 - Give value 

Always have a good reason to send your emails and try not to spam your customers or they will get bored and unsubscribe from your list. Your emails and products should make your customers’ lives better and give them value. Good quality messages will help you achieve that level of trust and bonding with your customers, and your emails will help represent your brand’s voice and unique presence. Think of your customer’s email like their home. By subscribing to your list, they have invited you in and you need to be a respectful guest.  

Tip 3 - Be emotional 

The best marketing is storytelling, and email is a great way to pursue this for your brand. Your customer is purposely opening and interacting with you email, not just mindlessly scrolling through social media posts. Now is your chance to tell a good story, build a deeper relationship, and keep your customer interested. This way your customers will connect with your brand emotionally and will be even more likely to return to your store. 


Tip 4 - Use simple language 

In combination with the tip above about being emotional, make sure your message is also easy to follow and engaging to read. Less is more, as they say. Simple language and pacing will do more to engage your customers than long-winding texts that they might not even finish reading before they delete your email. Use engaging visuals as well, to make your email easier on the eyes. 

Tip 5 - Include the price 

If your message is promotional, make sure you include all the relevant information, like availability and price of your products. No one likes having to click through to another website and go digging to find the information they need. 

Tip 6 - Use a deadline

This tip is especially important when promoting discounts and offers. Email is great for giving a heads-up to your customers when you’re having a sale, or when you’re promoting a particular product. You might even send them the email before you announce it elsewhere so that they can take advantage of your offer first. Sharing clear information and a deadline is critical here, so as to help customers know when they need to take action. 

Tip 7 - Be approachable

Don’t forget your contact information and make it easy for your customers to approach you if they need to. Using email is a great way to drive traffic to your website, but also to your social media channels. You can use content that you’ve posted elsewhere and direct your customers’ attention to it, or prompt them to follow you on social media. 


It’s good to be consistent and send emails regularly, but there is a fine balance between regular communication and too many emails. Depending on your business activity and your customers’ profiles, once or twice a week can be a good starting point. 

Even when you don’t have anything new to say you can still maintain contact with your customers by sharing interesting information or industry news. Just be sure to make it worthwhile and give them value. 

If all the above sounds like work, well... that’s because it is. Email marketing is a cost-effective, personal, and direct way to contact your customers, but like all relationships, it takes time and work to build and maintain. If you have a small business you might find it difficult to juggle all the marketing efforts, your website, social media channels, email. Fortunately, there are ways to make this easier and still maintain regular communication with your customers via their email inbox. 

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